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Categories of Clients


At Dialogue Partners, we specialize in helping the following organizations build sustainable public participation programs:

Local and municipal governments: we’ve worked with all of the large urban municipalities and regional governments in Canada and a number of smaller ones, too.

Provincial governments: we’ve worked with the Provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia and the Yukon Territorial Government.

Federal governments: we’ve worked with the majority of Canadian federal departments and agencies on countless public consultation issues and topics.

Non-Governmental Organizations: we’ve worked with a number of NGOs in Canada and internationally on a wide array of civic engagement issues.

International organizations: we’ve worked in the U.S., Australia, Turkey, and the U.K. We’ve partnered with colleagues and associates in those countries and in New Zealand and Mexico. We’ve also worked with the World Water Council, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and the International Development Research Corporation.

Private sector partners: we work with a number of private sector planning and design, management consulting, and environmental consulting firms on a regular basis. We can help you to connect with these companies to access the best public engagement expertise, planners, engineers, management consultants and environmental experts.

Environmental & infrastructure organizations: we’ve developed civic engagement strategies around environmental assessments, land use planning, water and conservation issues, forestry, sustainable development and environmental policy. We’ve also worked in the transportation sector to build citizen engagement on light rail and transportation planning projects.

Organizations dealing with social issues: we have extensive experience building public participation on health care policy and program issues, education topics, cultural programs, diversity and immigration issues and in affordable housing.We’ve worked on arts and culture issues as well as recreation and healthy lifestyle projects. We’ve also worked to increase public involvement in a number of community development projects.

We also have Standing Offers and/or are on pre-qualification lists with the following organizations:

  • The Government of Canada, PS Online
  • Defence Construction Contractors, Government of Canada (facilitation)
  • The City of Edmonton (public engagement services)
  • The Province of British Columbia (Multiple persons for each of the following streams, engagement specialist, facilitation and social media and engagement training)
  • Canadian Blood Services (training, public engagement, facilitation, planning)
  • Australian Emergency Management Institute – AEMI (training, facilitation)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency – EPA (facilitation, conflict resolution, training)

If you are wondering whether Dialogue Partners can help your organization, contact us!