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Tips for Friends

We are pleased to be the Platinum Sponsor for the IAP2 Wild Rose 2011 Signature Event. At Dialogue Partners we're always interested in finding new ideas and sharing them with others. We plan to use  this space of our website for our friends and colleagues. In a world where the web has created an abundance of self-publishing and friending there needs to be a place where friends and colleagues can gather to share and learn.

This page is a private area accessible only by the unique link. We hope you will find it a page with fun and interesting resources and a place to share your ideas and tips for friends. We'll update the page every month or so, and we look forward to your additions too!

January 15, 2013

10 Lessons we have learned


At Dialogue Partners, we're fans of top ten lists: 10 words of the year; top 10 foods that will make you healthy; top 10 wines of the year,.. . So we thought, why not a top 10 list of things we've learned? In reality, this list could be the top 1000 things we've learned, but we know you might not read it if it was that long, so we're starting with 10 things.

September 29, 2011

Top Ten List of things we've learned; #2


At Dialogue Partners, we’re fans of top ten lists: top 10 words of the year; top 10 foods that will