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Stephani Roy McCallum

Knowledge Director

“Now More Than Ever. We need to care for ourselves, each other and this land.”

Noel Nannup, Aboriginal Elder, Western Australia

Stephani has worked on complex projects ranging from land use, health care, transportation, education, nuclear waste and environmental issues during her 18 years in the public engagement field. She has a passion for community engagement where outrage, high emotion and conflict are present. She views conflict as an opportunity to affect meaningful change, and high emotion as a signal that there is passion and energy for an issue. She is frequently found wading directly into the midst of controversy, rather than watching from the sidelines. Stephani has worked across Canada, the U.S.A., Australia and Europe.

Hidden talent: My children say I have eyes in the back of my head.
She’s deathly scared of: Heights and yucky things in dirty water. I keep making lists of things that scare me and have been trying to face them, with varying degrees of grace.
In her next life, she will come back as
: A dolphin, or maybe a travel writer.