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The Dialogue Partners Team


Kim Hyshka (Kolenc)

Senior Consultant

Personal Philosophy: Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assisi


Kim is experienced in engaging stakeholders who are impacted by both upstream and downstream oil and gas operations. Most recently she has focused her attention to the practice of consultation with Aboriginal communities and the best part of her job, sharing and experiencing in other person’s culture and customs. Every interaction offers another opportunity to develop a relationship that can provide new insight and information to help work through a set of issues. Over the past seven years, Kim has successfully worked with a wide variety of stakeholders including municipal governments, environmental organizations, industry groups, rural landowners and Aboriginal and Metis communities. To supplement this experience with education she has also completed a Certificate in Public Participation from IAP2 and is currently undertaking courses in mediation and negotiation from the Justice Institute of BC. Outside of work you will find Kim actively involved in the Ukrainian dance community in and around Edmonton.

Hidden talent: Scrapbooking, very unusual for an extrovert.
She’s deathly scared of: seaweed, all types, especially the really tall stuff!
In her next life, she’ll come back as: A Canada Goose: mate for life, fly to sunny location each winter and I can tap dance on people’s roof.