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Jana Sinclair

Senior Consultant

Jana Sinclair is a Senior Consultant of Dialogue Partners, she has been providing public consultation and communications consulting services for approximately ten years.  The majority of her experience as a communications consultant has been in the public sector, managing communications for major transportation infrastructure projects totaling over $880 million.

Jana’s experience includes facilitation of both large and small groups; training staff members on team-building skills, interpersonal skills and effective meeting skills; development and delivery of Partnering Workshops designed to improve communication and a cooperative attitude between project owners and contractors; as well as creating and executing communication strategy.

As a certified Public Participation Practitioner through the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), Jana has provided public consultation strategy, leadership and support on approximately 20 major projects, including eight Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations; nine interchange projects, as well as several major road works projects and functional planning studies.  Her ability to work with stakeholders and the project team to mitigate community issues contributed significantly to the decision-making process and overall success of the projects.


Hidden talent: Commitment to running marathons – despite an actual ability to do well!
She’s deathly scared of: making lifetime decisions. If someone could point me to the nearest crystal ball…
In her next life, she will come back as: a dolphin. You get to play all day and everyone thinks you’re cute and wants to be your friend.