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The Dialogue Partners Team


Ian McCallum

Managing Associate

If you listen to someone long enough they will really open up and tell you what is important to them.


Ian earned a Master of Arts in Public Administration with concentrations in Public Management and Innovation Science and Environment. He brings a vast skill base to his projects in the public arena, such as development and issue resolution between and within communities of interests. Helping people work through complex and passionate issues so that communities can make sustainable decisions is what Ian enjoys most about his job. Ian can be found frequently on the bike trails and ski hills in Gatineau Park with his wife and four kids.

Hidden talent: Listening
He’s deathly scared of: Things bumping into him and the slime oozing between his toes in murky water. As well, going over the handlebars when mountain biking downhill.
In his next life, he’ll come back as: Penguin.