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Anne Harding


Anne brings energy and passion to the field of public involvement. While taking her Bachelor of Commerce, Anne discovered the world of stakeholder relations and was hooked. Bilingual in French and English, her interest in cultures and communities outside her own led to a career in Aboriginal Relations with a Calgary-based oil and gas company. Since 2005, Anne has worked with over 20 Aboriginal communities in Western Canada to build relationships and create positive dialogue. She has worked as an Associate of Dialogue Partners since 2009 through her company, Forum Stakeholder Relations. Anne is currently pursuing a Master of Arts to look at how collaboration between Aboriginal communities and resource development companies affect community economic development and the social license to operate.

Hidden talent: she plays the pipe organ
She’s deathly scared of: bugs that bite and jellyfish
In her next life, she will come back as
: her chocolate lab, whose life seems awesome