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Amelia Shaw

Senior Consultant

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou (Writer)
Give light and people will find the way. – Ella Baker (Activist)

Amelia is a consultation strategist and facilitator. Over the past fifteen years Amelia has been successfully involved in the development of major transportation policies, projects and plans from strategic design, to initiating and facilitating inclusive processes, and implementation. Her ultimate goal, with any project, is to find an innovative approach that supports both community and organizational values and objectives and leads to helpful deliverables and a positive outcome. Her award-winning solutions have earned international recognition.
Some successes to date include; advocating for Federal funding for transit, participating in the development of the Federal Gas Tax fund, creating CUTA’s Youth Summit on Sustainable Urban Transportation, leading TransLink’s public consultation on long term strategies and rapid transit projects (Evergreen Line, UBC Line, Surrey Rapid Transit) and Project Manager for the opening of Canada Line.

Hidden Talent: Friends and family have told me that I have a knack of saying the right thing at just the right time. I can also do very loud “fingers in the mouth” whistles.

She’s deathly scared of: I am petrified of snakes – any kind!

In her next life, she will come back as: Still on my “to do” list. I would like to work in developing countries and have considered becoming a politician. Amelia Shaw as Prime Minister – hmmm!