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We recently spent some time in the District of Saanich working with some fabulous, committed public engagement practitioners.  When we were brainstorming stakeholders who might care about an issue and identifying the things that might matter to them so we can come to better decisions, we learned about Mr. Floaty. Mr. Floaty is a resident who raises his concerns and issues by dressing up as a piece of poo.  Sometimes you need to suspend your own judgement (and laughter) to be able to really hear someone else. Check out the video here.


Stephani Roy McCallum of Dialogue Partners recently spoke on Transforming Conflict through Collaboration at a full house Leadership Breakfast in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Tam Shardlow of Bang the Table http://corporate.bangthetable.com/, who followed up the event with a wonderful conversation on the topic.

  Sector Planning Review 2010, EPSB

This is the video of the update to Edmonton Public School Board on the Public Engagement for Sector Planning Review process. The Managing Director, Stephani Roy McCallum was snowed-in in Calgary and made the presentation via Skype. This video contains the entire presentation with power point and questions from trustees during the Board Meeting of November 16, 2010. The full meeting is available in three parts on the EPSB site. Please follow the link to review the project case study.

Sector Review Presentation to Trustees, Nov. 16/10
from Ian McCallum on Vimeo.