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At Dialogue Partners we love to share.

We love to share our learnings, insights and experiences to help others grow their Public Participation practice. After all, we are all in this together! Please click on the links below to learn more about some of our favourite P2 tools.

Socratic Circles
A Socratic Circle is a group conversation process that supports learning, relationships, and embraces high emotion.

Open Space
The Open Space technique is used to unite a very diverse group around a common issue.

How To Ask Better Questions
We love this article from the Harvard Business Review on how to ask better questions that inspire people to think in new ways and find answers for themselves.

Community Priorities
Community Priorities is an upgraded and mobilized version of crowd sourcing built on an open source software application initially designed by Princeton University, with support from Google. Through mass participation, Community Priorities allows participants to clearly define which are both the most and least supported ideas.

Community Priorities – Youth Session
Here you’ll find an example of using Community Priorities to successfully engage youth from a session we did in Australia.

PhotoVoice – Youth Session
See how to engage your participants by allowing them to express their ideas through the use of pictures, images or their own creation.

Conversation Toolkit
An example of a Conversation Toolkit that we created for our client so that community members can hold their OWN conversations about infill development.