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Ethics Possible

Ethics Possible in an international engagement project sponsored by Dialogue Partners, where we are exploring the role and importance of ethics in public participation, as we examine and reflect on our practice, and that of others around the globe.  The conversation will include organizations and individuals from around the world with the goal of creating a meaningful and rich conversation amongst practitioners as we create a powerful tool that can be used to support ethical practice. We think existing Codes of Ethics are not enough to measure trust building activities.  We think its time to set standards and measure ourselves by them.  It’s time to define what builds trust – and our role in that.

Goals of the project are:

  • Richly and deeply engage practitioners, participants and organizations in a conversation about the meaning, measures and standards of the practice
  • Develop a tool, resources and/or approach for practitioners, participants and organizations to use to assess ethical practice and standards of practice
  • Enhance and extend the practice and the field to pilot standards and approaches that go well beyond existing Codes of Ethics

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September 1 – September 30 – Participate in Our Survey
Ethics…to some it is an exceptional dry topic of conversation.  If someone asked you outright – “Are you ethical?”  Chances are you would immediately respond with a “yes!” Afterall, ethics are really a system of moral principles or rules of conduct. In a nutshell, ethics are the values that relate to human conduct – the rightness or wrongness of certain actions or the goodness or badness of the motives and ends of those actions.  So what does this have to do with Public Participation?  Why are ethics important to the profession? Take 10 minutes and tell us what you think.  Click here to participate.

September 1 – September 15
Which logo do you like best?  We are looking for a logo we can use on all of our engagement materials that is fun and forward thinking.  Participate in our poll.  

September 18 – Ethics Possible Webinar
It is time to ignite a conversation about the tensions and challenges of staying true to meaningful engagement. It is time to go beyond existing ethics and values and set new and foundational standards of practice that say you – and your participants – can really measure whether the process was ethical and principled. Click here for more information.