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Training Courses

Dialogue Partners offers a number of regular and custom public engagement training courses, workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. Consult our list of training courses below to see the training programs we provide.

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Registration form and pricing can be found here. Register for select courses on Eventbrite!

Select from one of our regular training courses for more information and to register:

Regular Training Courses:

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Foundations in Public Participation (2 modules, 5 days)

Good decisions don’t just happen. They take planning and effort. Learn to apply IAP2’s approach to public participation in your very next process. IAP2’s Foundations in Public Participation helps you gain the confidence needed to hit the ground running. The Foundations Program consists of two modules – five training days in total that can be taken consecutively or in two segments to better fit your busy schedule.

IAP2 has worked with practitioners from around the world to develop foundational tools that largely transcend national and cultural boundaries. Even advanced practitioners will find useful tools and techniques to assist in working with the public and clients to establish effective public participation. These tools are presented in an interactive and experiential learning environment that provides participants with the opportunity to explore their own public participation challenges with their instructor and peers.

Our trainers are some of the most experienced and highly sought after in Canada. For example:

  • They have taught over 500 people since 2005 in the IAP2 suite of training products;
  • Our student evaluations are consistently high in exceeding student expectations;
  • We are known for our ability to creatively tailor and adapt the materials to meet students’ needs and organizational realities.

Register for this course at a location near you:

  • Winnipeg, MB – January 29-31, 2018 (Planning Module)
  • Winnipeg, MB – February 20-21, 2018 (Techniques Module)

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The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Emotion, Outrage & Public Participation (2 days)

Building on the work of Dr. Peter Sandman, this course combines strategies for addressing and reducing outrage combined with best practices for public engagement.  Co-developed by Managing Director, Stephani Roy McCallum, this course is available as in house training or through a schedule of public offerings in many locations around the globe.

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ANALYZE THIS! Making Sense of Conflict in Public Engagement © (1 day)

Frequently, high emotion, controversy and conflict are present during public engagement.  Being able to identify, assess and resolve conflict will go a long way in diffusing intensity and creating opportunities to bring people together, especially if these tools are used before the public is engaged.  The purpose of this single-day course is to build skills that will help you identify, understand and assess conflict in public engagement.  While not a mandatory pre-requisite for our Master Course, we strongly encourage participants to take this one day class prior to registering for “Standing in the Fire: Transforming Conflict Through Collaboration.”® Dialogue Partners Inc.

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Group Facilitation Skills for Public Involvement © (2 day)

This intermediate level two day course will provide the guidance, skills and knowledge necessary to become comfortable with all the critical elements of facilitation for public and stakeholder engagement. Participants will learn facilitation skills to deal with emotion, expand positive participation, identify and build common ground and move discussion forward. This course emphasizes the planning and designing of facilitated public involvement events and has a practicum component that gives all participants ample opportunity to facilitate in a supportive and constructive environment.

Register for this course at a location near you:

  • Edmonton, AB – November 1-2, 2017

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STANDING IN THE FIRE: Transforming Conflict Through Collaboration © (2 day)

This two-day Master course is geared to seasoned practitioners who are focused on solving complex problems that inevitably arise in public engagement situations. This course will share specific methodologies, approaches and techniques for dealing with conflict in those seemingly impossible circumstances we face. You will learn how you can access collective wisdom in conflict situations to help make your processes and outcomes sustainable. The Journal you develop over the two days will assist you in your work once the course is over.

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WHEN THINGS GO SIDEWAYS…how to embrace emotion and outrage and change results © (2 day)

Building on EOP2 (but not a pre-requisite) this highly participatory course will have participants uncover what’s driving emotion and outrage in P2 processes and discover what triggers these natural responses. Through exercises, discussion and multi-media presentation, participants will learn about AND PRACTICE highly effective, collaborative strategies to transform conflict and outrage and create an environment for constructive engagement.

  • Explore skills and tools to embrace high emotion and outrage in public settings
  • Build experience and practice through practical tools and approaches to constructively engage with emotional stakeholders
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of personal reactions and responses to the emotions of others
  • Understand and identify some of the triggers for emotion, and practice strategies to support people in constructive engagement
  • Engage in role-plays and hands-on exercises to practice and engage their new skills

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LEADING WITH COURAGE: Staying the course when things get loud and
messy © (2 day)

Public engagement is risky business – if you’re not ready to hear the answers, don’t ask the questions! But if you are ready then consider this…

Meaningful engagement always requires some uncertainty, giving up of control and not always having the answers. More often than not, it also means change, a change in the way decisions are made, business is done, and the way an organization interacts with stakeholders externally and internally. This course is built for leaders and those supporting leaders in P2 initiatives. Trainers will outline the 4 factors of P2 success, change, leadership, risk and trust and explore how they intersect. Participants will learn how to identify and resolve tensions among the factors specific to their organization. Participants will be introduced to our diagnostic tool CLaRiTE© to assess their organization’s understanding, commitment and ability to “stay this course” and achieve optimal results.

  • Understanding leadership styles and approaches and how each impacts public engagement processes
  • Examining the four factors of success in public engagement Change, Leadership, Risk and Trust and how to identify and resolve any tensions and conflicts between these factors
  • Utilizing a diagnostic tool CLaRiTE©  to help assess your organization’s understanding, commitment and ability to “stay this course” and achieve optimal results.
  • Identifying approaches and learning how to apply strategies to enhance leadership and collaborative approaches to change in your organization

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Delivered in partnership with Twyfords of Australia, leaders in the public participation field and authors of Beyond Public Meetings and The Power of ‘Co’.

Decision-makers, elected officials, senior managers and executives, engineers and practitioners will get the most out of this day.  We’ll introduce you to the necessity of collaboration in our current times where maximizing relationships with your stakeholders and the public is key when facing unpredictable and ongoing change.  We’ll illustrate:

  • What collaborative governance actually means and what you get out of it
  • Triggers to pay attention to
  • Requirements and commitments needed
  • Framework for collaboration

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Delivered in partnership with Twyfords of Australia, leaders in the public participation field and authors of Beyond Public Meetings and The Power of ‘Co’.

If you are a manager, decision maker or public engagement practitioner and are looking for ways to get better outcomes for complex and controversial projects, you will get the most out of these 2-days.  We will explore:

  • Differences between conventional engagement and collaborative practices
  • Link between complexity theory and collaboration
  • Five-step model for Collaborative Governance
  • Principals & tools for this approach
  • Apply and integrate these learning with your real work projects

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Training Courses, Workshops & Seminars Available In-House and by Request:

We would be pleased to discuss a tailored program to meet the civic engagement needs of your organization, and we are willing to combine workshops and courses to address specific requirements or create new ones based on your priorities. Please contact us for more information.

Available courses include: