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Civic Engagement Training

At Dialogue Partners, we build capacity through hands-on knowledge transfer and mentoring. Our approach to public engagement training, workshops and seminars is no different. Once you have experienced one of our sessions, our hope is that you will be able to create meaningful and productive public engagement programs on your own.

We offer a number of training courses, workshops, seminars and speaking engagements that can be tailored or changed to meet your needs. Consult our list of training courses and our training calendar to see the training programs we provide on a regular and per-request basis.

Coaching and Strategic Advice

We provide civic engagement coaching and strategic advice to practitioners and organizations to help build their community engagement capacity and ensure that they implement best practices. We also provide advice and review existing public engagement and knowledge building initiatives.

At Dialogue Partners we have evaluated countless guidance documents, process design, consultation plans and toolkits. If you would like us to review your existing stakeholder engagement and public participation projects, please contact us.

Knowledge Building

We have created numerous toolkits, manuals, guides, information sessions, speeches and articles to increase knowledge about public engagement and facilitation. Our public engagement knowledge building portfolio includes:

  • Public Involvement Guidance for Environmental Assessment, Natural Resources, Health Care and more
  • Grassroots outreach programs
  • Facilitation toolkits
  • Training workshops, seminars, presentations and speeches on building common ground and ensuring meaningful and effective community engagement.

If you would like to build your organization’s public engagement capacity, contact us!