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Dialogue Partners

Public & Stakeholder Engagement

Through our public engagement and stakeholder relations services, we help organizations develop and implement sustainable decisions on important issues.

At Dialogue Partners, we specialize in civic engagement programs that address issues of high emotion, conflict or controversy. We deliver meaningful, effective programs that help your organization:

  • Manage high emotion, controversy and public outrage
  • Improve relationships with key stakeholders
  • Move forward with key decisions
  • Prepare for upcoming community engagement challenges

We do this by:

  • Designing and implementing internal and external consultation and public engagement processes
  • Following a proven methodology that addresses design, needs analysis, planning and preparation details
  • Plan, facilitate and convene events that bring people together to talk about complex and/or emotional issues

If you are dealing with an emotionally charged issue and are looking to create or improve a public engagement program at your organization, contact us!