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Dialogue Partners


Dialogue Partners employs innovative best practices in facilitation, transformation and group dynamics to help organizations find common ground between stakeholders with diverse points of view.

Offering both facilitation services and group facilitation training, Dialogue Partners can help your organization obtain the facilitation skills necessary to deal with emotion, to expand positive public participation, to identify and build common ground, and to move discussions forward.

Our expert facilitators can work with small and large work groups to build public consensus and facilitate the desired result. We are expert at focusing attention on the specific issue, problem, decision or program at hand.

“We consider facilitation to be the art of creating and using a structured thinking or planning process to enable a group to explore individual and collective wisdom, understand their own needs, and go where they need or want to go” Stephani Roy McCallum

If you would like us to facilitate a group discussion or provide you with group facilitation training, contact us!