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Dialogue Partners

Civic Engagement Services

At Dialogue Partners, we work with conflict, outrage, and high emotion and specialize in engaging the public on the hard issues. We can show you how to better manage emotion and public outrage to make your community engagement and stakeholder engagement programs more meaningful.

Our Civic Engagement Services include:

  • Public Engagement & Stakeholder Relations: We can help you develop and implement meaningful stakeholder engagement programs to address issues of high emotion, conflict or controversy.
  • Training: We provide civic engagement training and group facilitation training services to share best practices in the field of public engagement.
  • Facilitation: We employ innovative best practices in the fields of group facilitation, transformation and group dynamics.
  • Coaching: We provide coaching and expert advice in civic engagement and involvement.
  • Policy Development: We help organizations develop toolkits, policies and guidelines to support their stakeholder engagement endeavours.


If you are dealing with an emotionally charged issue and are looking to create or improve a public engagement program at your organization, contact us!