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Dialogue Partners

The Patient & Family Engagement Series

Dialogue Partners is working with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to host this series of four interactive webinars dedicated to supporting organizations to advance the practice of patient- and family-centred care to improve quality. Our experts and coaches will work with you to better equip you and your organization to understand, plan, implement and measure meaningful and effective patient engagement.

There are 4 webinars in the series:

  1. What is patient engagement and why do it? – April 23, 2013
  2. How do we plan for meaningful, effective, and appropriate patient engagement? – May 23, 2013
  3. Who needs to be engaged? The staff, patient and leadership trilogy – October 2013 4.
  4. How do you measure patient engagement and capture its impact? – November 2013


If you are interested in learning more or to find the details about how to attend the upcoming webinar check this out on the CFHI site,