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DP’s newest course, When Things Go Sideways

Many people, including us P2 practitioners, encounter emotion and outrage and want to run and hide. (Want to know what this might feel like…watch this video posted on the European Platform Against Windfarms and gauge your reaction.) Braver souls may want to pretend it’s not there, ignore it or figure out how to take the emotion out of the conversation. It’s been our experience that emotion and outrage doesn’t “just go away” and usually the methods mentioned above only serve to escalate and exasperate the problem.

So…. what do we suggest instead?

We’ve recently designed and delivered a one day coaching workshop entitled When Things Go Sidways: How to Embrace Emotion and Outrage and Change Results.  It has been designed to give you a taste of how to recognize the gift that conflict is presenting you and show you how you don’t need to be afraid of it.  Instead, we will show participants how you can embrace emotion and channel it to get some very powerful results.  Conflict is a strong indicator that change needs to occur and we aim to give you the courage and tools to do that.  If you’d like more information on this workshop please contact Dialogue Partners.

Fear means Danger vs. Fear is a Signal.

I can’t stop vs. take the time to reflect and understand what the fear is telling me.

There will be conflict if I do anything vs. conflict means something is happening, and the door is opening to discussion.

Fear is our worst enemy vs. fear is our greatest teacher.

I can’t make much difference vs. courage is contagious – acting will inspire others to do the same.

 Source: Adapted from You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear.  Frances Moore Lappe and Jeffrey Perkins.