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Dialogue Partners, seeks P2 minions

WANTED: Evil genius, Dialogue Partners, seeks P2 minions to sacrifice their engagement souls in world domination attempt. Must be prepared to learn 24-7 for fascist trainers with no pay. Unparalled, unthinkable training experience is inevitable but you may be pushed out of your shell, challenged and asked to learn and grow…there might even be a playdough sculpture competition.

Ok we aren’t actually looking for minions, quite the opposite (but it got you reading didn’t it!) We’re putting out a call for Co-Host Training Partners.

Dialogue Partners is looking to partner with you, your organization or professional association to bring our courses to your city and group.

  • Do you have 3-5 colleagues or friends that could use the same training?
  • Would you like to gather a group of like-minded organizations in your sector?
  • Do you ever wonder why training never comes to your part of the world?

Let’s do this together, now’s your chance.

Give us a call if you’re interested in partnering, hosting or co-hosting with us (or others) to deliver a course in your City or office anywhere! We’ve got a few options that give you the opportunity to maximize learning, share wisdom, experiences and even costs. Check out this link to see our full listing of available training courses.



613-724-2450 ext 114