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Ian McCallum

Personal Philosophy: To maintain the energy of the constructive Hero is tiring business.  Creativity is limited by time and by effort expended. It is constantly reliant on others…not so different from a Godlike act… John Ralston Saul

Ian McCallum possesses an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Canadian History with a minor in Rural Extension Studies and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University with concentrations in Public Management and Innovation Science and Environment.

Ian’s unique skill is being able to work and network with diverse stakeholder groups and keeping them happy and task focused. He has 15 years in the political arena coordinating election campaigns and working in various political offices at different levels with federal ministers, a senator, and a municipal mayor’s office. He brings a vast knowledge of issues and skill base when operating in the public arena. One of his lasting and more interesting projects was as secretary for Interfaith Ottawa, an open-participant collaboration between the City of Ottawa and religious and ethnic leaders. This work  resulted in the creation of a book of Peace and religious-cultural acceptance which was signed by the Dalai Lama and Prime Minister Martin. Ian’s other experiences centre on community development and issue resolution between and within communities of interest.

Ian holds certificates in Public Participation from IAP2, and a certificate in Strategic Environmental Assessment from IAIA. Ian recognizes the importance of dialogue and community process to inform the decision making table. Ian’s personal belief is that if you listen to someone long enough, they will really open up and tell you what is important to them.

Ian can be found puttering the bike trails and ski hills in Gatineau Park with his wife and four kids.

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