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Dialogue Partners


At Dialogue Partners we bring people together to create momentum for positive change.  We are passionate about conversations that matter and in helping people learn to work together.

We bring people together – virtually, physically and literally – to talk about important and complex issues in ways that allow everyone to move forward TOGETHER.

  • We work across Canada, the USA and Australia
DP World Map Jan 2016
  • We work across all sectors, industries and with all levels of government. We support NGO’s and civil society.  Check out some of our work.
  • Our role is to host conversations that matter so that better decisions can be made – and it doesn’t matter what the topic is; our job is the people.
  • We build capacity by helping people learn to work together through training, coaching, toolkits and online learning.
  • We win awards for our innovative, ground-breaking work that results in social license to operate and improved relationships, trust and better decisions.

Public engagement and facilitation represents roughly 75% of our work while training in-house and to the public is just under 18%.  Other work is focused on coaching or creation of materials like public engagement toolkits or policies.

This mix is important to us.  Our training program ensures we bring the best to our own projects, while our projects provide the real life experience to support our clients learning objectives.