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We bring people together to create momentum for positive change. Through conversations that matter on complex issues we support social license to operate and sustainable long-term decisions. We are passionate about public involvement, stakeholder relations, community and citizen engagement. We help people learn to work together and build skills, knowledge and capacity through public engagement and facilitation training and coaching.

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Conversation Toolkits

People talk. Neighbours talk. They are having conversations about your project already so why not create opportunities for them to Read the Featured Story

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March 21, 2017

How NOT to create consensus

In the 2015 election campaign, the Liberal party of Canada led by Justin Trudeau, campaigned on a promise of electoral Read More

March 20, 2017

What happens when you act from a place of 100%?

We live in a world where we value the 50/50 equation as a path to partnership, career, relationship and life. Read More

February 23, 2017

When fear rises up: fight, flight or freeze?

Our reaction and response to fear is variable. It can be influenced by the situation, the depth of our fear, Read More

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Ian McCallum

ian-colourManaging Associate

Ian McCallum possesses an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Canadian History with a minor in Rural Extension Studies and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University with concentrations in Public Management and Innovation Science and Environment. View Bio

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